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Whitney Woods 25 years

High Response Rates for business 2 business direct mail

Record Response Rates Reported for B2B Dimensional Mail

If you are hoping to generate high response rates with your B2B Direct Mail then you need to ask if your mailing piece is good enough to achieve the desired results. There are at least 3 main points that your mailer should achieve if it is going to do the job.

  • Will the mailer grab the attention of your customer?
  • Will it hold your customers attention long enough for him / her to get the point?
  • Will your customer remember your mailer?

A web search for "Dimensional Mail Response Rates" will bring up page after page of independent reports which tell how dimensional mail reaps rewards far in excess of those experienced when using leaflets and booklets.

What is Dimensional Mail?

Dimension Mail is any B2B Direct Mail piece that isn’t flat. That discounts letters, leaflets, booklets and brochures but includes a whole host of promotional gifts. However, finding a unique promotional gift that suits your purposes and suits your budget won’t be easy. Choosing an inexpensive promotional gift that is met with indifference will not achieve your objectives.

To achieve your objectives, the perfect dimensional mailing piece would hit the 3 targets above; it would be unique to your business; it would achieve a high level of customer interaction and it would fit into a modest budget.

Why Interactive Mailers work in B2B Direct Mail

Whitney Woods are B2B Direct Mail specialists - we have been in business for more than 20 years. We have a list of customer testimonials that is as long as your arm and, most importantly for you, we have the UK’s largest selection of interactive B2B mailers.

Each one of our B2B Direct Mail products is unique to you as they are custom printed to your requirements - including the mailing pack. Each one has innovative design features that create an interactive experience that can be fun, surprising and intriguing for your customer. Each one creates its own level of instant impact. They all have a high degree of “keepability” which means that they live long in the memory.

How much will you pay for a specialist B2B mailer that ticks so many boxes?

The answer is - no more than you would pay for a pretty plain birthday card! To see a vast and varied selection visit our PopUp Mailers website. A good idea would be to start with our Direct Marketing selection which showcases B2B mailers with an automatic pop-up action all of which come with custom-printed, all-board Mailing Packs which will stand out in your customers’ morning post creating a sense of anticipation and curiosity.

Once you have made your choice of product we will hold your hand through the design and ordering process and then we can mail it from here on your behalf.