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Whitney Woods 25 years

Bespoke Mail Packs

When a mail shot is governed by an unexpected opportunity

Not every B2B mailing has the luxury of a large budget or is the result of months of planning. Sometimes it is necessary to react quickly to take advantage of an unforeseen opportunity. Let’s say your main competitor unexpectedly goes bust - you will want to let everyone in your field of business know that you are still here and would be more than happy to talk to your competitors' old customers.

In this instance speed is of the essence and, as it's unlikely to have been included in budget plans, your mailing will most likely have to utilize existing literature. Leaflets, booklets and brochures might need to be gathered from the shelves and collated to make something resembling a decent information pack. Add to this a hastily constructed letter, put it in a white envelope and what have you got? An effective mail shot or a waste of money?

A custom mailing pack can transform your literature into an effective mailing piece

Whilst we always extol the virtues of Interactive Mailers sometimes there just isn’t time or budget funds available to produce the ideal mailer. However, in order to make a worthwhile effort of the scenario described above, it would be great if you could find a relatively small amount of money that it takes to produce a Custom Mailing Pack.

By creating a Custom Mailing Pack you will guarantee that your information will be noticed in amongst your customers' morning mail. A custom printed pack will stand out above the boring white and brown envelopes.

A Custom Mailing Pack will create an impression of prestige and importance

If the pack looks prestigious and important that impression will spread and it makes your information look important and prestigious, too.

As a result, your customer will be far more tempted to inspect the contents of the pack than they would if the leaflets were just sent in a plain envelope. All in all, a custom designed mailing pack is much more likely to impress and bring success than simply cobbling together a few leaflets without any regard for presentation.