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Whitney Woods 25 years

Custom Mailers

Custom Mailers are designed to boost your B2B Direct Mail campaign

When planning your B2B Direct Mail campaign you should always have a clear goal in mind. Is it to attract new business? Is it to generate response? Is it to announce a new product? Having defined your goals you should be sure the message you send out hits the spot with your customers.

To ensure your customer doesn’t overlook your B2B mail you must make sure that your mailer will be opened, looked at, and read for long enough for your message to register. The question is - how do you guarantee that your mailer can bring you the desired success?

The 3:33 Rule - Interactive Custom Mailers deliver!

Perceived wisdom gleaned from internet sources (Pat Friesen) suggests that a 3:33 rule applies to the success or failure of your B2B Direct Mail efforts.

3 Seconds That’s how long it takes for your customer to decide whether or not to trash your mailer

30 Seconds That’s how long your customer scans your mailer before deciding to trash it

3 Minutes And that’s how long your customer spends reading your mailer if it gets past the first two stages

Your customer will receive many items of promotional mail each morning so you better make sure that your mailer is better than the rest. Make it noticeable in the morning’s stack of mail. A plain white flat envelope is hardly likely to make an impression. Your mailer needs to be colourful and chunky to easily pass the 3 second test.

How many A4 leaflets, A5 booklets and 1/3A4 pamphlets do you think your customer has seen in his lifetime? Hundreds? Thousands? So why would you think that such a mailer would create sufficient interest to pass the 30 second rule? Once the mailing pack is opened, the actual mailer should be designed to demand enough attention to make your customer pay attention. An Interactive Mailer will achieve this comfortably.

If a leaflet does somehow manage to get to the third stage can you imagine that your customer would spend a whole 3 minutes reading it? An Interactive Custom Mailer stands a far greater chance. Our customers tell us that Automatic Pop-ups and Interactive Mailers are to be seen on their customers’ desks months after the initial mail campaign took place.

Custom Mailers are Designed to Boost your Message

To ensure that your carefully researched message hits home with your customer it is important that you take advantage of every opportunity to emphasize your message. An Interactive Mailer with custom print is sure to deliver.

Our range of custom printed mailers covers all kinds of movements - products that jump; pictures that change; mailers that expand and grow and others that turn and spin. Many are high-action products that carry the elements of fun and surprise whilst suggesting that your product or brand might have an energetic or fun personality. Others have smooth and sophisticated movements to create intrigue and fascination - a complement to your highly professional service.

A pocket-sized option might be the perfect solution, or you might want to make a larger-than-life statement. Whatever you need to boost your message and chances of direct mail success, we are almost certain to be able to help.

Ideas and suggestions of how your message might be best served by our products can be found throughout our Popup Mailers range and our B2B Mailing Specialists are here to offer advice.