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Whitney Woods 25 years

Data cleansing & data processing

Registered at the ICO under the Data Protection Act 1998

As a reputable Mailing House, we are registered at the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 1998. The Act sets out rules to make sure that information is handled properly and the ICO has legal powers to ensure that organisations such as ours comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Those powers are focused on ensuring that we meet the obligations of the Act. We also operate in line with GDPR Legislation, you can view our full GDPR statement here.

This, in addition to the promise of our own professional integrity, ensures that your data and the details of your customers are safe with us. We never pass on or sell your information to any other party nor would your data be used by our own company or by any employee of our company.Your data is completely safe with us.

Data Services such as data cleansing and data processing

Whilst our main services as a Mailing House concentrate exclusively on Hand Assembly and Hand Inserting we offer our clients all of the usual data processing services that go on “in the background”.

Typically, these services include laser printing address labels and letters; database cleaning and data deduplication; post coding from Royal Mail PAF data; adding missing post town and converting your data into Mailsort format to enable you to take advantage of the fantastic bulk mail discounts offered by Royal Mail.