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Whitney Woods 25 years

Hand enclosing, hand fulfilment and hand inserting for direct mail

Hand enclosing is a necessity for pop-up mailers

Our speciality in the field of B2B promotional mail is the manufacture and mailing of Pop-up Mailers with an automatic pop-up action. These highly successful B2B Mailers are assembled by hand and because of the active pop-up nature of the product they have to be inserted into the Mailing Packs by hand. It follows that address labels should be applied by hand at the same time. No surprise then that we call our website “Mail by Hand”

The same often applies to many of our Interactive Mailers. They too are assembled by hand and even when they are to be mailed in a standard envelope they are best inserted manually.

Hand collating and inserting is best for cross-matched mailings

Promotional mailings can be quite complicated and we are often asked to do cross-matched mailings. A client might have a personalised letter, a personalised gift and, obviously, a personalised address label. It goes without saying that a mix-up in the matching would be a marketing disaster and very great care is taken by our highly experienced workforce to make sure that all goes well. Checks are in place throughout the collating and inserting procedures to ensure that all items match as they should.

All special packs are hand-filled

Not every promotional mailing goes in an envelope or neat little mailing pack. Posters are most often mailed in cardboard tubes with a letter and matching address label. In this instance posters are hand-rolled and hand inserted into the tube along with the personalised letter and any accompanying literature.

A Promotional Product which needs to be mailed in a box, a padded envelope or a bubble envelope will also be packed, fastened and labelled by hand.

The nature of B2B Mailings favours hand fulfilment

When the founding partners of Whitney Woods first took on direct mail work in the 1980s it was for just one particular client who couldn’t find a Mailing House that was willing to undertake the mailing of its rather unusual but imaginative promotions. We stepped into the breach and we have been doing this kind of work ever since.

Right from the start our direct mail clients have been advertising and direct marketing agencies; in-house marketing professionals and direct marketing specialists with good direct marketing ideas - marketing people who want “something different” by way of a direct mail campaign.

As a consequence, everything has HAD to be done by hand. We have mailed stress toys; sweets and chocolates; folders and pens; inflatable products; first aid kits; all kinds of corporate gifts – nearly all of which call for re-packing into kits and being prepared for the mail service by hand.

Not all mailings are promotional mailings

The work isn’t all promotional mail fulfilment or working with custom enclosures and we have many regular clients who use our direct mail services because machine insertion isn’t always appropriate. We work for magazine publishers whose titles require hand inserts and poly bagging. Catalogues and mailings with multiple brochures are often suitable only for manual inserting.

Many direct marketing campaigns call for items to be cross-matched and hand matching is often the only solution. Or it could simply be a low volume direct mailing which makes it more suitable for hand enclosing, and simple letter enclosing jobs are very common.