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How to Achieve Best Results from Promotional Pop-up Mailings

How to Achieve Best Results from Promotional Pop-up Mailings

As experts in the production of dynamic pop-ups and interactive promotional mailers we feel that we are in the best position to offer advice on how to get the best out of your promotion. Here are details why you should consider using our in-house mailing services.

Ten Reasons why Whitney Woods should handle your promotional Pop-up mailings

1 Orders Arrive in Good Condition
Using our mail services ensures that automatic popup products reach your customer in the freshest condition possible. This means that the pop-up works to ultimate effect. Any delays in dispatch caused by shipping to another mailing house may lessen the impact as rubber bands lose their elasticity the longer they are stored at full stretch over a period of a few days.

2 Saves Money on Shipping Costs
Your pop-up mailers are assembled right here in our factory. Why go to the expense of shipping your goods half way across the country to another mailing house? Bear in mind, this will also delay the dispatch of your promotion to your customer.

3 Control over your Timetable
Promotional mailers are very often date-sensitive. Your call to action might say “reply by”; the date of an event may be essential to your mailing or a sell-by date could also impact on the timing. If your mailing must arrive on an exact date, our instant dispatch service can be of great assistance in achieving your objectives.

4 We Understand Dimensional Mail
Pop-ups and interactive mailers come under the banner of Dimensional Mail and we understand how to get best results. We can advise on which type of mailers to use to achieve different impacts on opening. For example, a Zippalope opens in a different way to a Mailing Wrap. We can advise on the best mail service to use not only for impact and effect but also for cost.

5 Quick Response to Queries
You will find a friendly customer services professional on the end of our phones. Don’t be surprised when the phone is answered within 4 or 5 rings. Don’t expect any recorded messages or “on hold” music. Mailing queries concerning your project will be answered immediately and mailing price enquiries are emailed back to you within a couple of hours.

6 Good Working Practice
Our page of testimonials will give you the confidence and knowledge that your promotion is in good hands. Our reputation for giving friendly, helpful and professional advice in a straight-forward, no-fuss fashion is second to none. We have managed thousands of successful promotional direct mail projects.

7 Handmade and Inspected in England
All products are assembled right here in our factory which means that every single item is inspected before it is dispatched. This ensures that your promotional packs leave our factory in pristine condition. We do not sub-contract any work to other mailing houses.

8 Expert Advice 
We can advise you on how best to achieve a fully co-ordinated mailing. When you first enter the world of promotional mail it is easy to be blinded by the main focus of the mailing piece and smaller but nonetheless important details can easily be overlooked.

9 Avoids Mismatching
You must avoid mismatching at all costs. Uncoordinated sizes; inappropriate packaging and letters, flyers and postcards that are not in keeping with your prestigious mailing piece could be harmful to the appearance and impact of your campaign. We believe that too many cooks can spoil the broth and keeping as much as possible under one roof will minimize any risk.

10 Traditional Direct Mail
Traditional knowledge of the direct mail industry tells us that a letter and a call to action are of critical importance in bringing the best results from direct mailing. We can help you with these items as well as with our speciality – pop up mailers.

Whitney Woods offers great mailing services – but what does it cost?

Each client’s job is totally unique and we will give you a quotation to match your exact specification. However, here is a typical example of a mailing project that will give you an idea of what to expect. It is not a quote and should be regarded only as a guide.

Job Description:

* The example used is for 2000 pop-up cubes size 85 x 85 x 85mm. The cubes are to be sent out in a "Mailing Wrap" style of mailer.  The price of these will be quoted separately. Here are the mailing and postage elements.

* You email your database of 2000 names and addresses plus artwork for a letter heading and the body of text for your letter including a signature and details of your call-to-action.

* The size of the cube and Mailing Wrap dictate the size of the letter which will be 170mm x 255mm.

* We send you a pdf proof of the letter for approval or a hard copy example if you prefer.

* We laser print the letter in 4 colours according to the artwork that you supply. The letter will include the name and address of your prospect along with a salutation. It will be printed on 80gsm laser-friendly white bond paper in Mailsort order.

* We laser print a self adhesive address label in black to match the address detail on the letter. The label size is 105mm x 35mm and will incorporate a Mailsort PPI for 1st class postal service.

* The letter will have been printed on an A4 sheet but will be trimmed to size 170mm x 255mm

* The letter is machine-folded twice to a finished size of 170mm x 85mm to match the size of the compressed cube.

* The cube and letter are enclosed in the mailing wrap and the flap is fastened to close the wrap

* The matching address label is attached to the front of the mailing wrap

* The mailing wraps are bundled in Mailsort order ready for collection by Royal Mail later in the afternoon.

The cost of the printing, folding and affixing etc is £675 + VAT

The typical cost of sending these half way across the country to another mailing house would be approx £30 + VAT – a cost which you would save

The above prices were correct for the stated job spec at 1st October 2010

* The weight of the mailing pack is 37grams. The overall size is 172mm x 87mm x 6mm which places it in the Royal Mail category of “large letter” which means that a minimum of 1000 pieces are required to qualify for the discount Mailsort service. Our order is for a mailing of 2000 pop-up cubes.

The cost of the M1 postage is £789 +VAT
Your Royal Mail discount from the standard cost of 1st class mail is 17.4% - £166
The postage price was correct according to the Royal Mail at 1st October 2010