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Save Money Using Royal Mail Bulk Mail Services

Don’t waste your budget – save money using Royal Mail Bulk Mail Services

Experienced direct marketing professionals will be fully aware of the ways to save money on postage but if this is your first foray into promotional mail there may be much that you don’t know – particularly about Royal Mail.

Whilst you will no doubt have seen unusual “postage paid” images on promotional mail it is quite possible that you don’t know what they represent. More often than not, the mark is a sign that the mail has been delivered at a discounted rate and it is you who benefits from the very generous discounts!

Royal Mail Services and Bulk Mail Services – A Brief Explanation

First and Second Class are amongst the most frequently used of the Royal Mail services. The First Class mail service aims to deliver your letter or packet on the next working day and Second Class aims to deliver mail by the 3rd working day after posting. If you send large volumes of mail in the UK then Royal Mail’s Business Mail products could well be of interest particularly as you don’t really have to do anything except leave us to print your address labels in postcode order.

By sorting your mailing and making sure that at least 90% of the addresses have the correct post code Whitney Woods can help you to take advantage of some spectacular Royal Mail postage discounts. How much you save depends on which Mailsort service is most applicable.

There are three basic bulk mail delivery services to choose from:

Business Mail 1st Class is fastest with "next working day after posting day" delivery but it offers the lowest discounts.

Business Mail 2nd Class is delivered in "within 2-3 days after posting day" and offers good discounts.

Business Mail Economy offers the best discounts with delivery "within 4 working days after posting day".

There are minimum quantities involved, for example 4000 letters or 1000 “large letters” per UK mailing but the really important thing is that pretty well all you have to do is to present your database in good condition. We do the rest for you!