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Whitney Woods 25 years

Example of a Zippalope board envelope for Pop-up Mailers

A Zippalope is an envelope that we have designed specifically for use with promotional pop-up mailers. They are designed to hold the pop-up mailer in a secure, flat state whilst in transit, ready to jump out when the envelope is opened. Our video shows how we use a Zippalope in conjunction with a pop-up pen holder. The size of the compressed pen holder dictates the size of the Zippalope which, in this particular instance is 150 x 165 x 6mm. The product is compressed and packed neatly into the Zippalope which is then fastened with self-adhesive tape along the tear-off strip at the back. This holds everything safely in position whilst it is in the post. The tear-open strip at the back of the envelope is made by two perforated lines at each side of the strip. When your customer tears off the strip, out jumps your pop-up mailer.

Print and board specifications for the Zippalope

Each pop-up is a different size and Zippalopes are custom made to fit each individual item. The Zippalopes are custom printed with your own design in 4 colour process on single-side 500micron board just the same as the pop-up mailers. You do have a choice of standard mailing packs and you can see another popular alternative – the Mailing Wrap – by clicking here. We can also offer a bespoke service should you require something different.